Power Tools: Compound sliding miter saw

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The Old House Web
The Hitachi C8FB2 power miter saw is a great companion for trim work of all kinds. Hitachi was one of the first manufacturers to offer a power miter saw that could be adjusted for bevel as well as miter cuts, making it possible to cut compound angles precisely.

The motor and blade slide on two parallel arms. With a blade that measures only 8-1/2", the C8FB2 can cut a 12"-wide board at a 0-degree miter setting. Vertical capacity at 0-degrees bevel is 2-9/16". There are numerous detents for frequently used angles.

At 38-1/2 lb., the tool is light enough to move easily from shop to house or from room to room. Dust collection is moderately effective. The C8FB2 sold for about $370 in September 2004.

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