Power Tools: Dust extractor

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
Fein dust extractors are very quiet. This one, the Turbo II, has a capacity of 9 gallons (6.8 gallons wet capacity) and a feature that allows automatic operation. Plug a sander, biscuit joiner or circular saw directly into the vacuum and dust extraction starts as soon as the tool is turned on. Its rated to handle power tools drawing up to 19 amps.

The vacuum takes several filtering devices, including a cloth bag that blocks particles down to 5 microns, a 1-micron cartridge and a HEPA filter rated at 0.3 microns. Air flow is rated at 116 cubic feet per minute. The vacuum weighs about 29 lb., so its easy to move, and it comes with a 16-ft. power cord and 16-ft. long hose.

The Turbo II listed for $387 in September 2004.

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