Pro Paint Brushes: Pro trim brushes

Reviewed by:
Kendall Holmes
The next time you need a paint brush, resist the temptation to buy a cheapo consumer brush and spring instead for a pro-quality brush.

And if Purdy brushes are sold where you're shopping, so much the better. Like other pro-quality brushes, Purdy's are made the old-fashioned way - by hand. They hold paint nicely; lay down a crisp and accurate line; and, if cared for, will last for years.

Purdy's "Dale Elite" brush, shown here, features a tapered tip -- making it well-suited painting sash and trim work. Bristles on this brush are made from DuPont Chinex and polyster filaments. This makes the brush specially suitable for latex and acrylic paints - though it will handle traditional oil paints just fine as well. Expect to pay about $14 (September 2004) for the 2 1/2" width brush shown here.

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