Radiator Covers: Radiators as furniture

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These competitively priced radiator covers from the Wooden Radiator CabinetCompany can turn a bulky steam or hot-water radiator into a piece of furniture.The company claims that its covers, ranging from $450 to $800, areenergy efficient.

The inside of the cabinet is finished with reflective insulation that directsthe heat forward through the grill. Insulation also keeps the top surface atroom temperature -- and makes it suitable for use as a shelf for books, plantsand televisions. The cabinets are also strong enough to sit on, and can bedesigned as window seats.

The cabinets do not have backsides for easy access to radiators. Top and endpanels are made of cabinet-grade medium density fiberboard (MDF) covered in oakveneer. The remainingparts ( slats, stiles, rails, trim and feet) are solid oak. Painted cabinets aremade of poplar solids, with top and end panels of MDF. All cabinets are finishedinside and out.

The cabinets come in three styles -- the more formal Prairie and traditional and a less formal Shaker, and are available in numerous finishes.

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