Reclaimed Flooring: Barn Again

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Recovered from barns, this flooring is between 75 - 200 years old. Wood from a century ago was harvested after a long, slow growth. That, and natural aging, leads to a heavy wood with a dense, tight grain.

This wood is reclaimed from old buildings and kiln-dried to about 10 percent moisture (which also kills the creepy-crawlies). Then it's ready to be milled into flooring.

The flooring shown here is "Antique Distressed Oak" which is a blend of red and white oak, with a lot of character (and a few nail holes) and a deep, dark patina.

  • Planks are milled in three width: 3-6", 5-8", and 7-10".
  • Prices in August 2005 were $8.56, $11.77, $12.95 (respectively) per square foot.
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