Remote Controls: Multimedia Control

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Is the table-top basket that stows your remote controls getting a little full? Clean up the clutter and replace it with the Multimedia Control Panel.

The wireless panel features a touchscreen with more than 100 A/V product brands preprogrammed in its database. Other device codes can be entered by simply pointing the old remote at the Multimedia Control Panel and zapping it once.

The device uses WiFi techonology and new software and updates can be downloaded directly to the unit via the 'net.

The color LCD (liquid crystal display) screen is backlit and measures 3-1/2" square. According to the manufacturer, installation is user friendly and can be completed within minutes. Name: Philips Multimedia Remote Control PanelDimensions: 9" by 11" by 3"Price: approximately $360

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