Restoration Hardware: Steel cut nails

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These steel cut restoration nails are produced by American's oldest nail manufacturer in an 1860s mill. The company offers a variety of styles of nails and reproduction door hardware and hinges.

The nails are sold directly from the company's Web site, which not only offers the store, but a history lesson as well. The nail mill building was constructed in the early 1800s, and rebuilt in 1848 after a fire destroyed part of the structure. A bell in the cupola, dated 1851, has called six generationsof workers to the mill.

The present nail factory has about 60 nail machines. Most Tremont nails areavailable in three box sizes: 1 lb., 5 lb. and 50 lb. Nails over 4" are not packed in 1 or 5 pound boxes. Prices vary: A one pound box of 1-1/2" steel cut flooring nails is $5.25. (February 2005).

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