Roofing: De-icing on the roof

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
In many parts of the country, ice dams and the water damage they cause are an unpleasant fact of winter life. This is especially true in old houses with inadequate attic insulation and eave ventilation. The EasyHeat electric de-icing cable can help with this perennial problem.

Attach it to the lower edge of a roof or in roof valleys to melt snow and ice before it can build up and cause a problem. The cable will not remove ice and snow once it has accumulated. Its safe for metal and plastic gutters but should not be used on roofs made from wood shingles or rubber membranes, or on flat roofs.

ADKS-100 is a 20-foot length of cable that draws 100 watts of power (many other lengths also are available). The kit cost about $43 in October 2004.

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