Roofing: Rubber roofs

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
It looks like slate and it lasts like slate, but a Hi-Tek Rubber roof is made from made recycled rubber.

This fire-tested, low-maintenance roof comes from scrap tires. The primary material in these shingles is EPDM, a synthetic rubber that resists the summer heat and the winter cold.

Hi-Tek Rubber roofs are also impact resistant, and because of this, homeowners in hail-prone areas may qualify for reduced insurance premiums with a rubber roof. The "slates" are standard three-tab shingles which can be trimmed with a utility knife. Hi-Tek Rubber roofs are textured to look like slate and are available in gray, red, black, brown, light green and dark green.

According to the distributor, rubber roofs are about three times the cost of asphalt, but compare favorably with cedar shingles and are about one-third less expensive than slate.

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