Showers: Clawfoot Shower

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If you've got the desire for a claw foot bathtub, but only the space for a shower, here's a nice compromise. The Footed Panorama is a 42-inch shower pan on your choice of claw feet.

The pan can be used for freestanding or built-in installations. Weighing in at a hefty 220 pounds, the pan is cast iron with a white enamel finish. It's six inches deep with a two inch rim and a 4-1/2 inch drain hole.

For feet, choose painted white, coated brass, chrome, polished nickel, and matte nickel.

  • The Parorama Shower Pan is 42" square.
  • Price range (including a crate and shipping) is $1,092 (white feet) to $1,287.00 (matte nickel feet) (March 2006).
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