Space Heaters: Friendly Heat

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Made with a stainless steel frame, this infrared radiant heater is ideal for people with chemical sensitivities.

Infrared heat works like the sun, creating infrared waves that warm people and things. As a result, it doesn't use blowers (which tend to blow dust around). Plus, there are no funky odors from "fried dust syndrome" (caused by particulate matter cooking on hot heating elements).

A built-in thermostat maintains even temperatures and a tip-over switch cuts off the heater if its knocked over. The stainless steel frame not only assures long product life, but it's also a non-allergenic metal.

  • Product: CeramiComfort Portable Heater 1624SS
  • Price is $549, including wheels(December 2005).
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