Specialty Items: Waterwall

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Enjoy the soothing sounds of cascading water in your living room (without panicking about the plumbing in the upstairs bathroom).

In addition to the calming cadence of a cataract, this waterfall acts as a natural humidifier and has a built-in purifier which helps clean the air. An optional extra is the UV light sterilizer which kills algae and bacteria.

For the waterfall's back panel, choose a stainless steel panel or an engineered granite surface (Luxidio). Designed to fit into a standard 2x4 wall cavity, it comes with its own reservoir, so no water supply is needed.

  • Model: Napolean Waterfall WF6, WF9 and WF18
  • Dimensions: (WF6 - 2' by 3')(WF9 - 3' by 3') (WF18 (3' by 6')
  • Price is about $700 (October 2005).
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