Introducing a New Breed of Track Saw

Now you can have table saw precision, panel saw capacity, and hand saw portability all in one 12-pound tool.


Achieve consistently straight, splinter-free cuts with a zero-clearance track system, specially designed transmission, and a precision ground woodworking blade.

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Clamp track system onto vertical or horizontal surfaces and make any cut, anywhere, at any angle - even bevel or inside plunge cuts.

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Use the TrackSaw anywhere. At only 12 pounds, it makes table saw precision more convenient than ever.

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  • Truing 2-inch Walnut
    Truing 2" Walnut

    Ideal for truing lumber.

    Watch Video (37 sec)
  • Miter Cutting Plywood
    Miter Cutting Plywood

    Make any cut. Anywhere. At any angle.

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  • Inside Plunge Cuts
    Inside Plunge Cuts

    Ideal for inside cuts.

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  • Zero-clearance anti-splinter edges
    Creates splinter-free cuts
  • Straight plunge mechanism
    Provides optimal ergonomics
  • Flat blade
    Great for confined spaces
  • Dual edge track system
    Ensures cuts are perfectly straight
  • 12A, 1,300 watts
    Universal 1ΒΌ" dust port for 90% dust extraction

The TrackSaw is ideal for a variety of jobsite applications:

Residential and Commercial

  • Custom wood paneling
  • Trim doors to length in place
  • Built-ins, kitchens, and bathrooms
  • Installing skylights
  • High-end hardwood flooring
  • Trimming floating floors


  • Plywood/sheet-goods cutting
  • Custom cabinet fabrication & installation
  • Truing rough lumber
  • Yacht and boat building
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