Stoves: Leprechaun stove

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
This Waterford cast iron wood stove is compact, but powerful -- and in a pinch can be used to heat meals. The Leprechaun produces 33,000 BTUs, which the manufacturer says is enough to heat up to 800 square feet. The firebox can accommodate logs up to 15 in. long, and the stove comes with a cook-top surface.

It measures 22" high, 12" wide and 19" deep and weighs about 260 lb. The stove is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency for emissions and efficiency. It uses secondary combustion rather than a catalytic converter to control emissions.

The Leprechaun is available in matte black and three enamel finishes - green, blush stone and brown. The stove comes with an ash drawer. An accessory blower is not available for this model. In October 2004, the Leprechaun cost about $1,200.

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