Tin Ceilings: Reproduction tin ceilings

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If you can't find the pattern you want in the extensive historic pattern library of M-Boss Inc., this Ohio company will create a custom tin ceiling tile for you. The pattern then becomes part of the company's ever-growing inventory.

Ceiling tiles are available in a paintable aluminum, factory-finished clear or white-coated aluminum, brass and solid copper. Ceiling panels can be nailed up to a wood substrate or laid into any standard suspension ceiling grid. Coordinating cornices and nails are also available.

Prices in December 2004 started at $8.50 per 24" square panel for unfinished aluminum to $32 per 24" square panel for solid copper. Cornices range from $6.83 to $33 per four-foot seciton. Profiles range from 2-1/2" high by 2-1/2" deep to 6" x 6".

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