Windows: Fiberglass Series 300 Casement Window

Reviewed by:
Scott Gibson, Contributing Editor
Here's a window that will provide maximum ventilation to tall, narrow openings. The resiliant fiberglass used in the window frames and sash has a number of advantages over wood, vinyl and aluminum, the company says, including low thermal conductivity, high strength, and impermeability to moisture.

Fiberglass frames are filled with foam insulation for energy efficiency. The company says installing its windows can trim energy costs in an average house by 20% to 40%.

Exposed surfaces are coated with an enamel that resists chipping, blistering and chalking, the company says, and is available in three standard colors - white, sandalwood and brown. Custom colors also are available. Glazing options include argon and krypton filled versions.

The company offers custom sizes from a minimum of 16" wide x 18" high to 32" wide x 72" with a number of hardware options. In November 2004, a Series 300 casement window 2' x 4' cost $285.

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