Wood Epoxy: Restore rotted wood

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Part of Abatron's line of restoration products, LiquidWood and WoodEpox restore rotted, severely damaged windows, columns, frames, broken furniture, structural and decorative wood components. They offer new hope for historical trim that would be difficult to replace. Abatron claims that objects restored withLiquidWood and WoodEpox are fully functional and stronger.

LiquidWood reinforces, rebuilds, water- and insect-proofs wood by hardening after penetrating. It can be used to repair rotted window sills, frames, structural and decorative parts, columns and floors.

It is a primer for WoodEpox, a structural adhesive putty and wood replacement compound. Use thishigh-strength, no-shrink adhesive paste to fill, repair and replace wood and other materials in structures, walls and floors. It is unaffected by water and insects.

The company boasts that its products have been used to restore many private andpublicly held historic buildings, including Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

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