Wood Stoves: Classic soapstone cookstove

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The Old House Web

This kitchen command center from Tulikivi is a cooker and bakeoven that cooks, bakes and warms your food. The cooktop is made from cast iron and has an enamel border. The cookstove can be connected to a single flue, but two flues are an ideal solution. This allows you to use the bakeoven and cooktop at the same time.

The heat from the wood burned in Tulikivi fireplaces is quickly absorbs into the soapstone mass, throwing off heat long after the fire has died down. Fireplaces and bakeovens can be used as additional or complementary sources of heat in both traditional and modern spaces. The manufacturer claims the fireplaces are efficient, using less wood than traditional woodstoves. And these fireplaces will continue to radiate warmth well into the next day.

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