Wood Stoves: Smokeless Fire

Reviewed by:
Rosemary Thornton
Smoke won't get in your neighbor's eyes from this cast iron stove. A non-catalytic secondary burn takes care of smoke before it leaves the chimney.

Rated at 61,000 BTUs, the stove is ideal for extra large spaces. Firewood can be loaded through the front glass door or through a smaller side door. Maximum burn time is 6-8 hours and the firebox is 1.97 cubic feet, with 22" maximum log length.

Bring a friend to haul this one home. It weighs 410 pounds.

  • Model: Signature Collection Spectra CI2000HT
  • Dimensions: 29" wide x 18-3/4" deep x 29-3/4" tall
  • Price is about $1,600 (October 2005)
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