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The Colonial is a classic housing style that hails from the 1600s, when the European settlers first brought building designs to the colonies. While "Colonial" is a popular moniker applied to many two story houses with a center entry door, there are distinct differences between the many Colonial variations.

The Spanish Colonial style, for example, showcases clay tiled roofs, simple housing structures, arches and nestled courtyards. The Cape Cod features simple one story buildings with a single chimney in the center of the home. Regardless the subcategory, Colonial architecture has played a significant role in the United States, evolving into more elaborate "Revival" variations at times, but always staying true to a classic sense of architecture.

While the level of detail varies, the underlying characteristics of any Colonial are rectangular shapes, double hung windows and symmetrical room designs. Aside from the one story Cape Cod, most Colonials have bedrooms on the second floor.