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French Colonial

Before the advent of air conditioning, it was the front porch that provided the respite from the oppressive southern heat. In a French Colonial, the sweeping porch also serves another function--it becomes the hallway used for walking from one interior room to another.

This unique Colonial style, often built without an interior hallway, evolved in Mississippi and Louisiana from the 1700s to the mid 1800s. As with most Colonials, French Colonials have symmetrical facades with a center doorway and evenly spaced windows on each side.

Many of the houses are built of wood or stucco, with a steep roof and a one- or two-story design. In some urban locations, the homes are built near the sidewalk and do not have front porches.

The style is warm and inviting, bringing together a mix of influences from France, the West Indies and the Caribbean. French Colonial homes are frequently associated with New Orleans, as the style was built in abundance in that area.

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