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Spanish Colonial

Spanish Colonial is a reflection of the abodes of the first Spanish settlers in the Americas and the Caribbean. The most traditional Spanish Colonial homes are usually rectangular, single-story buildings with thick adobe or stone walls covered in stucco. The Spanish Colonial style has a plain, low, sloping roof of clay tiles supported by exposed beams, although these beams do not protrude beyond the exterior walls as they do in Pueblo and Mission styles. The style's simplicity is reinforced by the lack of pillars, balconies, round windows, decorative tiles, and other details found on Mission or Pueblo-style homes. Rather, multiple exterior doors and small windows serve as the Spanish Colonial's main decoration.

As you might expect, homes of this type are found where the Spanish settled in the New World--in Latin America, some Caribbean islands, and in North America, especially in Florida, California, Arizona, and New Mexico--and are well suited for these hot environments.

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