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Greek Revival

The Greek Revival period in America rose to prominence in the 1820s and 1830s and influenced architecture for decades afterward. The revival was driven by a rejection of British influences and a desire to associate with Grecian ideals of social democracy. This style spawned homes, government buildings, and banking institutions known for their formal, noble facades decorated with pillars and a classic, triangular gable. Greek Revival buildings are also marked by a symmetrical layout and large but simple moldings. Entryways feature porches with columns and narrow windows set astride the front door.

Greek Revival architecture was popularized in Northern cities such as Philadelphia and Boston but spread to the South, where architects created romantic houses with stunning colonnades in a fashion that later became known as Southern Colonial. These were mansions with dramatic pillars and pedimented entries. Today, the hallmarks of Greek Revival are sometimes referenced in advertising logos to suggest strength and principle.