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Craftsman (Arts and Crafts)

The Craftsman style house is also known as Arts and Crafts style. The style was popular from 1905 until 1930, and was based on the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1880s. This movement emphasized the use of natural materials and simple forms. The Craftsman name originated with a magazine published in the early part of the 20th century by Gustav Stickley. A true Craftsman house is built from plans published in this magazine, but the term was later applied to any house design that adhered to Craftsman ideals.

Craftsman homes are distinguished by open floor plans with lots of windows; low pitched roofs with wide eaves; wood, stone, or stucco siding; and a porch supported by thick stone columns. Beamed ceilings, exposed roof rafters, dark wainscoting and mouldings, and built-in furnishings are other Craftsman hallmarks. Craftsman ideas have been applied to many other styles including Bungalow, Prairie, Foursquare, Mission, Western Stick, and Pueblo.

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