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Contemporary Folk

Contemporary folk architecture encompasses a variety of unique styles, from A-frame houses to geodesic domes to Quonset huts and mobile homes. The styles are quite different, but carry a common thread of being outside of the traditional architectural circles. Each fits a niche, but is focused on a small subset of the larger housing population.

A-frame houses, for example, have steep pitched roofs that make them well suited for ski lodges. While this Contemporary folk style is dramatic, the roof line limits the interior space, presenting a challenge for those seeking a full-time residence. The solution is to use it as a vacation home and enjoy the view.

Geodesic domes offer an affordable way to live, filling a niche for emergency housing, room additions, or specialty uses. The Quonset hut was well received during its usage in World War II as military housing. Lastly, the mobile home offers economic advantages not found in many other housing styles.

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