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Early Classical Revival

Early Classical Revival homes exude opulence and tradition in the grand Southern fashion. Built during the last 1790s and the early 1800s, these elaborate Colonial style homes have sweeping front porches that sometimes span two floors. Round columns support the porches and provide dramatic architectural appeal. Many of the homes were built of rich red brick that was so characteristic of the Southern architectural scene. Many Early Classical Revival homes also feature a large front porch gable with a semi-circular window tucked underneath.

These Colonial homes also were built of wood, stucco or stone, but the red brick was perhaps the most stunning example of the style's grandeur. While Virginia was a hotbed for this style of architecture, there also are examples in Mississippi and other Southern states.

It's easy to visualize grand parties hosted on the porch, complete with a wandering catering team and classical music in the background. If you're living in one of these homes, you've definitely arrived.