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Eclectic Houses

The eclectic style of home design is perhaps the most difficult to describe. One definition of the term eclectic is "picking from various possibilities; made up of material from various sources; diverse; heterogeneous." There are other definitions of the word, just as there are many variations in the eclectic house style.

Because the eclectic house style defies a single description, the term can be applied to almost any home that blends a combination of several styles, incorporating a variety of different design elements. Some eclectic homes will borrow a roof from one style, windows from another, and materials from yet a third. An eclectic style house may include architectural touches such as columns, corbels, and arches from Colonial, Italian Renaissance, and Mission styles.The classification of an eclectic house is, to a great extent, subjective. Ask three experts to classify an eclectic house, and you will probably get three different answers.