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French Eclectic

French Eclectic architecture, as the name implies, combines a variety of French architectural styles with uniquely American touches. America's relationship with France dates to the Revolutionary period, which explains the French influence in so many buildings found in the United States.

The French Eclectic style dates to the early years of the 20th century, and was influenced by the more elaborate Beaux Arts and Chateauesque styles. After World War I, returning soldiers brought with them the influence of more modest French homes, and the second wave of French Eclecticism was much less elaborate. Notable features of the French Eclectic style include hipped roofs, flared eaves, masonry, brick, or stucco siding, large chimneys, and French doors. Entry doorways incorporating towers and arches are often used, as well as multi-paned windows, decorative half-timbering and architectural details such as pediments and pilasters. French Eclectic homes range in size from small cottages to grand mansions.

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