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Italian Renaissance

The Italian Renaissance style (also known as the Second Renaissance Revival) dates from 1890 to the 1930s. Homes built in this style were relatively rare until the post-World War I era, when improved masonry veneering techniques made this design less costly to build. Even so, Italian Renaissance homes are far less prevalent than other styles of the era, such as the Tudor and Colonial Revival styles.

Italian Renaissance homes are distinguished by their low-pitched hip roofs, with wide overhanging eaves and ceramic tiles. The façade of an Italian Renaissance home is symmetrical, with arches above the doors and first-floor windows. The first floor often features porches. Multi-story homes in this style have belts separating each floor into a distinct division, different in its style and finish. Upper floors usually feature smaller windows and may incorporate balustrades. An outstanding example of Italian Renaissance architecture is Cornelius Vanderbilt's Newport, Rhode Island home, The Breakers.

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