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Minimal Traditional

Minimal Traditional homes were the style of choice across the United States during the 1930s and 1940s, a blend of colonial and modern styles that favored durable, plain functionality. It was the basic American home, with well-built, simple cabinetry and closet space without frills or ornamentation. You'll find examples of the style most everywhere in the country.

The austere look reflected the Great Depression Era, with stucco and brick for protection against the elements. Many had small porches and service areas, pantries, and ironing-board cabinets. The style included both two-story homes and small, cottage-sized dwellings that grew in popularity after World War II among returning soldiers. With the economy back in gear following the war, builders created large subdivisions with Minimal Traditional homes, creating the first real sprawl of American suburbs. Occasional modifications to the style embraced Spanish or Colonial themes. The era ended when Ranch homes captured the market.

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