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The Modern Style was in vogue during the first half of the 20th Century. Made popular by the examples of renowned architects Henry Greene and Frank Lloyd Wright, the Modern home is based on functionality with lean lines of metal and glass. Geometric patterns are straightforward and boxy, but with an elegant simplicity. Homes in this group may have concrete foundations along with shallow-pitched roofing.

The Modern Style includes the sub-categories of Art Deco, Ranch, International, Craftsman, Art Moderne, and Prairie Style. Homes may have low-angled or flat roofs with exposed rafters along a horizontal floor plan that includes L-shapes or U-corners. Terra cotta or stucco walls and flush metal windows are plain and unadorned. There are few flourishes in the Modern Style. Unlike Victorian or Neo-Colonial, Modern prefers to use subtle touches for accents. The style was more prevalent in commercial building architecture or in city homes--less so in the countryside.

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