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A Monterey style home combines design features from both the Spanish Colonial and New England Colonial styles. The original two-story Monterey home was built in 1839 by Thomas Larkin who had moved to Monterey from Boston. Larkin merged the American Colonial style of his native New England with the Spanish Colonial architecture of his new place of residence. Monterey style homes became popular mainly in California, Florida, and the Southwest from 1920 to 1960.

The main architectural elements of a Monterey style home are a cantilevered second-story balcony with columns and balustrades of wood or wrought iron, a low-pitched gabled roof with tiles or shingles, and exterior walls of contrasting materials--stucco, brick, and wood. False shutters, wood corbels, and an entry door pilaster are additional style cues. Monterey style homes built prior to 1940 tend to favor the Spanish influence, while later examples use more details from the Colonial Revival style.

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