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The Neo-Tudor Style features a half-timbered exterior, with real or faux stones or concrete blocks. Boards or stucco may be added to complete the effect. The style itself has come from the Tudorbethan architecture used throughout England. The original Tudor style with a central post-and-beam construction is, of course, outdated by modern construction. Yet the exteriors with alternating dormer heights and brick chimneys resemble the real artifact. The homes may be on the pricier end to build with their complexity of shapes, angles, and roof lines.

In Britain, the form gained the nickname of "Queen Anne Style," although the design is actually more simple, rustic, and medieval in appearance. It bears a closer relationship with the Elizabethan and Jacobean styles. American builders sometimes tint the timber coloring toward green or blue shades. Exteriors may capture the original herringbone pattern in real or faux bricks set inside the timbering design, resembling a country cottage or garden home.

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