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Neoclassical refers to house designs inspired by the classical Greek and Roman architectural styles. A neoclassical home can incorporate some or all of the following elements--a symmetrical shape, tall columns that are the height of the structure, a domed roof, or a triangular pediment.

Neoclassicism is actually more an approach to design than a distinct architectural style and neoclassic elements can be found in such styles as the Antebellum Architecture used in pre-Civil War southern plantation mansions. Houses built in America using neoclassic design date to pre-Revolutionary war times and many can be found in states that were among the original 13 colonies. Construction of Neoclassical homes continued into the 20th century, spanning a period of almost 200 years. Thomas Jefferson's Monticello and the White House in Washington, DC are examples of neoclassical homes. Other famous neoclassical designs are the United States Capitol and the Supreme Court building.

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