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Quonset Huts

The Quonset hut is a prefabricated shelter modeled after the World War I Nissen hut and used during World War II. The original huts were 16-feet in diameter with steel arch frames. Thought to be ideal for the military, due to ease of assembly and shipping when quick movement is a priority. They also provide more comfort from the elements than tents.

The U-shaped design has a unique contemporary folk flavor, but the sloping walls create a few logistical issues when trying to fit furniture, sinks and people inside. A later redesign did the trick, adding vertical sidewalls and a more efficient production routine. That concept of adding vertical sidewalls also translates to more traditional housing, particularly in attics where an A-framed space creates wasted space near the floor.

Quonset huts can be seen at many military museums and memorabilia oriented venues.

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