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Romantic Houses

The Romantic Style emerged during the mid-19th century when Americans resisted its heritage of English Colonial architecture and returned to the stylistic roots of Early Classical themes popularized by Thomas Jefferson. The first phase of the Romantic Style was typified by Greek Revival houses with bold lines, straight and symmetrical angles, and pilasters with embedded designs. Look at the architecture of Federal buildings during the era and you'll spot the tell-tale entry with its gable propped up by white columns.

The Greek Revival era held center stage through the 1830s. By the 1840s, the Romantic Style evolved into Gothic and Italianate forms, melding American-style heavy doors with Mediterranean touches or Gothic chimneys, pitched rooflines, and battlements. All featured an asymmetrical floor plan, moldings, and pedimented gables. Other near relatives included the High Victorian Gothic and Neo-Gothic styles. Eventually, the Romantic Style also provided impressions of simple Italian farmhouses and homes from medieval England.

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