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The Shed Style emerged as a derivative of the Modern Home Style, adding sharp angles and sloping roofs. The look follows the examples of outdoor, rustic, mountain-lodge buildings, with board, brick, or wood shingle exteriors, and accompanying landscape schemes featuring pine, redwood, cedar, or other coniferous trees and shrubs. The style captured its place during the 1970s, in sync with an emerging environmentalism and return-to-nature culture. The look was not only used on homes, but became a popular form for business, government offices and school buildings.

Builders also used some modernistic influences, adding stone, brick, or stucco textures to the exteriors, while interiors were known for heavy wood panels and recessed fluorescent light fixtures. More rustic themes employed copper lamps and brick fireplaces. In vogue across the American West and Southwest, the style also appeared in Florida. The Shed, with its heavy reliance on wood exteriors, is prey to the elements and requires maintenance--it's main drawback.

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