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Spanish style is the broad term for architecture found in Spain and anywhere else in the world that is influenced by Spanish design. Spanish style architecture has a long and vibrant history that continues into the 21st century. The architecture of Latin America and North America were influenced by Spanish explorers and clergy who created settlements as early as the mid 1500s.

When Spanish architecture is discussed in the Americas today, we generally speak of one or more of these styles: Spanish Colonial, Mission, Pueblo, Monterey, and Spanish Eclectic. Each of these styles has well defined characteristics making identifying them relatively easy. For example, Pueblo style has vigas and rounded parapets; Monterey style has a second story railed balcony or verandah, and so on. One common denominator among all the Spanish styles is their thick walls which keep out heat in during the day and give off a gentle heat to the interior at night. This manner of insulation is well suited not only to Spain, but to the southwest United States, where weather conditions and types of building materials are similar, and where you will see every variation on Spanish style. Spanish styles, especially Spanish Colonial is also popular in Florida.

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