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Spanish Eclectic

The Spanish Eclectic architectural style has many features in common with the earlier Mission style. The Spanish Eclectic style (1915-1940) came after and slightly overlaps the Mission style and takes many of its cues from missions such as the famous San Juan Capistrano in California.

Spanish Eclectic homes in America are primarily found in the southwestern states and in Florida. Homes in the Spanish Eclectic style borrow architectural elements from the Moorish, Byzantine, Gothic, and Renaissance styles as well as the Mission style. These homes often have low-pitched red tile roofs with few or no eaves, stucco exterior walls, courtyards, carved doors, and patterned tile floors. Alternatively, flat tile roofs with low parapets are used. Other details often found in Spanish Eclectic design are windows and balconies with elaborate ironwork, scalloped dormers, arches above doors and windows, spiral columns, and bell towers. Decorative tiles are also used around doors and windows.

Spanish Eclectic is the style of house you see all over Los Angeles and in many other cities in the southwestern United States, as well as in many parts of Florida. Spanish Eclectic could have been built any time from the 1920s until just yesterday. It is mildly Spanish, but mostly American.

A Spanish Eclectic is clad in stucco and capped with a low slung terra cotta clay tile roof. Depending on when it was constructed or remodeled, it may feature a tiled sidewalk leading up to an arched entrance with a wooden front door. Garage doors are usually matched to the front door in appearance if not material. You can find decorative tiles embedded in the risers of exterior or interior stairs. A Spanish Eclectic building can also have a fountain or some other water feature. The interiors are not especially bound to the Spanish exteriors, and in fact, you may find only a slight nod to Spanish influence within, often in the form of wrought iron banisters on the interior stairs or tile in the kitchen or bathrooms.

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