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Neo-Classical Revival

The Neo-Classical home reflects the styles of ancient Greece and Rome--but it's thoroughly American. In vogue between 1885 and 1925, Neo-Classical remains a popular style among home buyers. The design itself is organized around a central hallway, with stairs and separate doorways that rise up to the second story. The look is an amalgam of Georgian, Greek Revival, or Federal styles used throughout the United States. Homes may feature a symmetrical shape and columns.

Like their close cousins, Neo-Classical homes may have gabled roofs with ample dormers that light up the upper floors and attics. The oft plain features and lack of unnecessary adornment reflects the Neo-Classical response to the flowery Victorian Era architecture. In the States, the style was first articulated by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, often considered one of the first American architects. Today, Neo-Classical Style is considered a part of the school of Traditional Architecture, along with Beaux-Arts architecture and Greek Revival.

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