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Pueblo Revival

Pueblo means "town" or "village" in Spanish. Pueblo Revival refers to the building style that emulates traditional Native American pueblo dwellings of the American southwest. Key to this style is adobe, a molded mixture of mud and straw that serves as the primary building material of these structures. The words pueblo and adobe have come to be used almost interchangeably in English and refer neither to a village nor to the building material, but rather to the style of the finished edifice.

This look was "revived" in the southwest United States, especially in New Mexico, and in pockets of Florida in the early twentieth century. The Pueblo Revival style is characterized by thick walls constructed of adobe or substitute materials, which result in deep-set windows and doorways. Typically, ceiling beams extend through the walls that support the roof--you can see the ends of these beams from the outside of the building. Other interior features are sculpted niches and benches, tile floors, and a fireplace.

Pueblo style homes are named for the Native American tribe that first used adobe bricks as building materials. Hence Pueblo homes are also referred to as Adobes. Pueblo Revival homes incorporate Spanish Colonial influences, and there are several sub-categories: Santa Fe Style, which complies with Santa Fe historic zoning, Pueblo Deco, and Contemporary Pueblo. Pueblo style homes first became popular in the early years of the 20th century and are still being built today.

The main feature of a Pueblo style home is the massive, round-edged adobe exterior walls. Heavy timbers called vigas extend through the walls to support a flat roof with a rounded parapet. Window and door openings are deep, and floors are of brick, flagstone, or wood. Other features include carved wall niches, benches protruding from the walls, and beehive corner fireplaces. Additional Spanish influences can include enclosed courtyards, porches, and elaborate corbels. Pueblo style architecture is found primarily in the Southwest and in Florida.

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