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Geodesic Dome

If you're looking for a unique, energy efficient home that will catch the neighbor's eye, try the geodesic dome. This round, globe-like structure was developed in the 1950s and fits a variety of housing needs. The dome has a contemporary folk style that fits well for those wanting emergency shelter, garage space, a farm building or a special room addition. The military also uses geodesic domes for temporary shelter.

Geodesic domes have an innovative shape created via special engineering that requires no internal supports. The domes might be 20 to 40 feet in diameter and feature interesting ceiling designs on the inside, as triangular sections come together to form the shape.

The domes are lightweight and can be made out of corrugated metal, plastic or fiberglass. While many public buildings feature some form of geodesic dome, home owners are also adding them onto traditional housing. The contemporary folk design creates a truly unique room addition.

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