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International Style

The International style of architecture, developed by European architects, dates to the 1920s. American architects discovered the style through a 1932 exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The International style house is minimalist, functional, and lacking in ornamentation and regional characteristics. It is exemplified by the Bauhaus school of design, a name coined by famous German architect Walter Gropius. An International style home is easily identified by its simple geometric form, horizontal proportions, lack of ornamentation, and a cantilevered upper floor or balcony. The interior of an International style home is open, often a series of volumes or boxes. The design can be asymmetrical, and usually has a flat roof with no ledge, eaves, or coping. Floor to ceiling glass curtain walls are common, as are metal window frames set flush with the exterior walls in horizontal bands. Doorway treatments are severe and plain, with no decorative detailing.

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