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The Neo-Mediterranean (Neo-Med) Style for homes is patterned after classic Spanish, Italian, Greek, or Moroccan architecture, with a spaciousness created by archways and high beamed ceilings. Your realtor may incorrectly label the home as Spanish-style. The Neo-Med trademark features stucco siding, heavy woodwork on doors or window treatments, and low-pitched, red tile roofs. While they maintain a stylistic resemblance to Spanish Colonial homes, Neo-Med has the open functionality of a traditional American Ranch home.

Not to be confused with American Southwest Style, Neo-Mediterranean may not include the use of heavy wrought iron accents or terra cotta exteriors. In fact, exteriors are more typically pink or white stucco, rather than the faux rusted adobe colors of the Southwest. You can also expect upgrades in kitchen appliances and interiors that set Neo-Med apart from other warm climate styles modeled on smaller European architecture. Details and embellishments may be less than uniform, without striving to deliver a picture-perfect recreation of the original.

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