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Split-level Style homes became a natural outgrowth of the Ranch Style, breaking the L-shape mold of the Ranch into separate, functional levels inside a one- or two-story home. The main levels were devoted to dining and entertainment, while the staircase to the upper level led to bedrooms, bathrooms, and closet space. Some models arranged the lower level around a garage, den, laundry, or spare bedroom, with the second level split further about kitchen and dining rooms in the mid-section, with the upstairs set aside for bedrooms and baths. Construction favored natural materials with brick and wood exteriors, double-hung windows, and patio sliders.

Although Split-level homes didn't catch the nation's eye until they emerged from their Ranch forebears, many were built in the country as early as the 1930s. Some were built as reconfigurations of houses from the Homecrest, Normandy, Franklin, and Homestead styles, and a Split-level model was offered in an early 20th Century Sears Catalogue.

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