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Shingle Style

Shingle Style is the U.S. evolution of the Queen Anne and Domestic Revival styles that were popular in England in the late 19th century. Elements of these styles were combined with a Colonial American feature--the wood shingle. Shingle style homes feature some of the same elements as Queen Anne--double hung and bay windows, large verandas, and gables. As might be expected from its name, Shingle Style exterior walls are enveloped in warm wood shingles. But shingles are only the most obvious departure from Domestic Revival.

Shingle Style is different than its Domestic Revival predecessor because it is framed with wood instead of brick giving designers more flexibility. Second, although the square footage might be equivalent in a Domestic Revival and a Shingle edifice, the Shingle would have fewer but much larger rooms, specifically designed for better air flow. Shingle Style was first seen and is especially popular along the northeastern U.S. seaboard. Shingle Style concepts influenced the American Arts and Craft Movement.