Antique Refrigerators

Electric refrigerators slowly replaced old-fashioned iceboxes during the early 20th century. Today, a handful of companies specialize in buying these old appliances and then doing meticulous, high-end restorations. Other companies manufacture new units made to look like old ones. Fond memories of grandma's icebox guide many remodeling decisions, prompting the addition of antique appliances. Our refrigerator suppliers offer a variety of retro looks from the 40s and 50s that can fit with any kitchen remodeling plan. See how a bold red or buttercup yellow appliance can turn an ordinary kitchen remodeling job into a cheerful walk down memory lane.

5 Suppliers

Clayton, GA
Restoring all makes of antique and vintage refrigerators and stoves on commission. Fully functional and restored appliances shipped anywhere.
Boulder, CO
1950s retro look refrigerators with modern functionality in a rainbow of colors.
Elmira, ON
Elmira Stove Works builds antique style appliances. Products include stoves, ranges, refrigerators, wall ovens and microwave ovens.
Manufacturer of antique style wood, gas, electric and combination cook stoves, as well as refrigerators.
Sauk Rapids, MN
Online sales of cabinet hardware: Knobs, pulls, drawer slides, hinges, abrasives, adhesives, fasteners, lighting products, bar rail and more.