Pavers, or masonry material laid to create a firm, level surface, are generally concrete, stone slab, or brick. Pavers come in a variety of sizes, geometries, and colors for the purpose of building walkways, patios, and retaining walls. Pavers are generally any tile larger than six inches square.

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Custom and standardized limestone architectural elements, including fireplace surrounds - plus a unique mounting system for a range of standardized elements and panels.
Rustic Furniture made from Colorado River Willow, Sonoran Pine, Napa Grapevine and Presidio iron. Also - adobe bricks and pavers as well as mission tile.
Supplier of brick and masonry products since 1930. Brick, brick pavers, authentic terra-cotta, precast concrete.
Manufacturer of stone veneer, thin brick, floor tile and accessory masonry products. Over 90 pattern and color variations of stone and over 25 thin brick…
Kansas City, MO
Manufacturer and supplier of reclaimed antique woods - such as wide plank flooring, remilled cabinet lumber, antique dimensional lumber, hand hewn beams and more.
We are focused on providing flexible design options to the high-end products. We offer all kinds of home luxuries products ranges from marble mantels, marble…
Bellmawr, NJ
Classic landscape ornaments and stonework from UK company. Online shopping and worldwide shipping.
Iowa City, IA
Suppliers of antique brick pavers, common brick, cobblestone, clinker brick, and brick flooring. Will match samples.
Installation products for ceramic tile, stone and pavers. Thinset mortars, waterproof membranes, sanded and unsanded grouts, and epoxy grouts.
Grand Prairie, TX
Restoring, preserving, cleaning, and sealing of stone surfaces such as marble, granite, slate, terrazzo, limestone, ceramic tile, brick pavers, etc.
San Clemente, CA
Reclaimed antique cobblestone from Europe. Granite or sandstone, in six different sizes. Full height or sawn to buyer's specifications. Shipped anywhere in the U.S.
Lansdale, PA
Manufacturer of cast iron firebacks in both original and reproduction designs. Also cast iron Victorian pavers.