18 Suppliers

Clackamas, OR
Chimney caps made of stainless steel or copper with many designs and styles from simple to advanced. Custom orders accepted.
Moscow, PA
Online sales of flexible stainless chimney relining systems, chimney caps, and vented kerosene heaters.
Avella, PA
Large supplier of bew and antique chimney pots from throughout the world. Victorian-era, magnum (for very large chimneys), and custom (from tame to wild) pots…
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Classic Residential Copper specializes in handcrafted copper products such as a Copper Cupola, Copper Roof Vent, Gable Vent, Copper Finial, and a Copper Chimney Cap.…
Maker and online seller of handmade copper products including cupolas, finials, chimney caps, roof vents and chimney pots.
Mandeville, LA
Fabrication of copper awnings, louver vents, finials, chimney caps, water heads and related products.
Southampton, MA
Lightweight and decorative chimney extensions, caps and terminations.
Stainless steel liners for old chimneys. plus fireplace and woodstove accessories. Online ordering.
French Lick, IN
Online sales of fireplace accessories, chimney systems, plus hearth and home products. Items range from chimney caps to firebacks to log racks.
High Wycombe, Bucks, UK
UK and worldwide delivery of stoves and chimney products including wood burning stoves, chimney liners, rigid chimney systems, chimney cowls and caps, roof flashings and…
Roscommon, MI
Online supplier of many fireplace accessories from screens to chimney brushes to chimney caps.
Manufacturer or finials, leader boxes, chimney caps, snow guards, copper gutters, casted facia brackets, molding, slate, tile, ceramic, cupolas, light boxes, rain chain and architectural…