Bifold Doors

Designed for closets and pantries, bifold doors are space savers. Two doors can fold to one side. Four bifold doors can be used between rooms, with each pair splitting in the center of the opening. Japanese Shoji screens, a type of bifold door, have become popular in this country in recent years. Whether you want to artfully partition living rooms or simply optimize storage space, the suppliers in our guide are likely to satisfy your needs.

7 Suppliers

Hardwood lamps. Wood-trimmed shades with a variety of inserts, including mica.
San Pedro, CA
Variety of stock and semi-custom wood screen doors, unfinished, primed or primed and finished.
Burghill, OH
Manufacturing and online sales of interior and exterior doors. Also pocket door hardware, cabinet hardware, stained glass inserts, hardwood flooring and more.
San Jose, CA
Murphy Beds in many sizes, as well as pull-down beds without bifold doors.
Wyke Bradford, Yorkshire, UK
Timber door dpecialist based in Yorkshire delivering doors to homes throughout the UK.
McCleary, WA
Established in 1912 by Henry McCleary and acquired by Simpson Logging Company in 1941, Simpson Door Company is one of the oldest continuously operating door…